February 7, 2017

Babar Junaid Jamshed : "Abba (Junaid Jamshed RehmatULLAH) Ki Hamen 3 Naseehaten"

"Abba (Junaid Jamshed RehmatULLAH) Ki Hamen 3 Naseehaten" Son Babar Junaid Jamshed.


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February 5, 2017

January 22, 2017

Maulana Tariq Jameel : Maut Imaan Walon Ke Liye Tuhfa He - 21 Jan 2017

Maulana Tariq Jameel Saheb beautiful bayan on "Maut Imaan Walon Ke Liye Tuhfa He" released on 21st Jan 2017

January 18, 2017

Maulana Tariq Jameel : Dua For Hazrat Maulana SaleemULLAH Khan Saheb RehmatULLAH

Maulana Tariq Jameel performed Dua For Late Hazrat Maulana SaleemULLAH Khan Saheb RehmatULLAH in a bayan at Karachi.

January 15, 2017

January 14, 2017

EMERGENCY APPEAL FOR SYRIA CRISIS : Mufti Rafi Usmani Sb - Mufti Taqi Usmani Sb - Mufti Abu Lubaba Sb - Maulana Abdus Sattar Sb

The Syrian People are going through the worst ever situation since the fall of their homeland that is being brutally conquered by cannibals through bombing and killing innocent people including children and women. People are forced to get refuge outside and so a mass movement took place and millions of refugees are now on connecting borders. Turkey is is the only Country supporting these refugees with big heart for their brothers and sisters. Other coutries need to join them immediately, some efforts are also going through Pakistan's private organizations to join the relief work, for us this is the time to seek Blessings of ALLAH SubhanahuTaala for us by taking part at what ever capacity we could to release the hardships of our borthers and sisters.

Khubaib Foundation Donation
Account Title : Khubaib Foundation Donation
Account No: 0010007003440071
Branch Code: 0584
IBAN NO:PK10ABPA0010007003440071
Swift Code: ABPAPKKA
Contact: +92 51 444 0837

Baitussalam Welfare Trust
Account No. : 102410308840001
IBAN NO : PK49BKlP0102410308840001
Contact: 111-298-111 / +923212120004 / +923222120004

Jamia Dar-ul-Uloom Karachi
Account: Imdaad e Mutasireen Aafaat DarulUloom
Bank: Meezan Bank
IBAN # PK65MEZN0099280100571167
Branch Code 9928
Contact: 02135049774-6

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