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"Right Click" then "Save Link"
موبائل پر تصویر کو دیر تک دبائیں اور پھر "سیو لنک" دبائیں

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You will find all "Customized Mobile Videos" that are specially made for Mobile Devices and are available with the parent video post along with the MP3. Here you will given a facility to download instantly all videos that are previously posted with their relevant parent videos. To download the video you simply have to choose a thumbnail of your required video you wish to download and then if you are on Computer "Right Click" and then click "Save Link" (If a direct link does not work to download the video). For Downloading on Mobile Phone / Tablet you need to "Press & Hold" the thumbnail and then press "Save Link" on the next menu. You may like to watch an example shown on video on right which is created for your convenience.