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Mufti Abdur Rauf Saheb Ne Jummah Ke Din Ki Fazeelat Aur Mamoolat Per Bayan Farmaya Ke Jummay Ke Din Aik Ghari Aisi Aati He Jis Me Dua Qabool Hoti He Aur Jummay Ke Namaz Ke Baad Imam Ki Dua Me Shareek Honay Ke Baray Me Bhi Farmaya Ke Lazmi He Ya Nahi. Imam Ke Sath Dua Mangna Zaroori He Ya Nahi By Mufti Abdul Rauf Sakharvi #Jummah #MuftAbdurrauf #Dua #JummahMubarak #islamicwaves — (@IslamicWaves1) November 26, 2021 #Jummah #MuftAbdurrauf #Dajjal #JummahMubarak #islamicwaves

Dr Zakir Naik : Is wishing Merry Christmas forbidden (HARAM) in Islam

Dr Zakir Naik answering the question "Is wishing Merry Christmas forbidden (HARAM) in Islam?"


Shehnaa said…
I don't know about you - but when we, common Muslims, are wishing our friends, merry Christmas, we are not agreeing that Isa (a) was son of God nor are we committing blasphemy dear DR. Naik!

When we wish 'merry Christmas' or 'happy new year' or 'happy diwali' we are simply greeting our fellow human beings - the sons & daughters of Adam (a)! The Christians and the Jews, the Hindus and the followers of all other religions are also flesh and blood and creation of the same God that we believe in.

Dont misinterpret the hadith that if you do like the disbelievers you will be a disbeliever! If you are thinking about this hadith, let me ask you, Dr. Naik, you grow a beard and a mustache like a Jew, does that make you a Jew? you dress up in suit and coat like a westerner does that make you a westerner?

Please dont spread hatred and distance between children of Adam by creating walls between us, that we become enemies. WE are not enemies - The religion in the sight of Allah is Islam and Islam is the religion from Adam to Muhammed. It is not the private property of only the followers of Muhammed (pbuh).

let me conclude with one more question to you, Did Allah reveal to Muhammed (pbuh) to fast on Muharram 10th? Rasullah (pbuh) fasted on Muharram 10th seeing the Jews fast on that day! what does that make the messenger of God in your eyes?

What is Haram is clearly stated in the Quran, No one needs your permission... or rather the question of eating pork or drinking wine does not arise at all! that is not what the young man asked you, he simply asked if he can wish his friends merry Christmas, and

If we are wishing some one merry Christmas only to create harmony between neighbors and you, a great scholar of this great religion consider it blasphemy????

How have you understood this religion?? you make this religion of peace and harmony a religion of debates and conflicts. You make your followers build walls instead of bridges! Ask yourself, what would the prophet have done? the prophet who allowed the Christian delegates to pray in his mosque, the prophet who did not disturb the Bedouin who urinated in his mosque, the prophet who stood up in respect for the dead, even though he was not a Muslim, the prophet who forgave and prayed for the welfare of those who tried to kill him.. what would my prophet Muhammed pbuh have said to your comment??
Topnotcher said…
You have mentioned yourself a Muslim, but after reading your comment, it seems like you have not groomed in an Islamic environment as you lack very basics of Islam.

"Flesh and Blood and Creation of the Same God" is this a typing mistake? Allah is sure the creator of all of us but none of His creation is His Flesh or Blood.

Yes Islam is not the private property of any individual, but please be noted that after Prophet Muhammad (Sallalaho Alaihe Wassalam) all previous version of Islam were replace by the Islam Allah (Subhanahu Taala) sent through Prophet Muhammad (Sallalaho Alaihe Wassalam). So, those who follow the Quraan are on Islam and all others are not.

In the end I advise you to study the Islam with some authentic scholar.
Unknown said…
THAT WAS RUDE. the guy who asked a question was young and lived in a country where all of this was very normal and if he was actually taking interest in this subject and asking and not running off to wish merry christmas first . then why cudnt this scholar actually behave like one and reply in a polite manner , he insulted him in front of them all , kept talking sarcastically and probably made a negative impact in the guys head .Poos kid if he was a muslim he probably wont b one for long if he keeps meeting people who claim to know everything abt islam yet do not follow the most basic nature of Holy Prophet (pbuh) -politeness.

and my advise to mister topnotcher , chk out this video u hv of maulana tariq jameel in which he talks abt how junaid changed , listen to the beginning . in which he talks about how its not urplace to take out ur anger on young people instead of helping them.
Topnotcher said…
Thanks for your time.

First of all i advise you to come out of the negativity of mind that your comment exposed.

I don't feel Zakir has insulted him as he had answered him politely first but when he kept arguing then he explained the point more aggressively.

There are 2 things you should keep in your mind that the kid knew that he was asking / seeking the true perspective of Islam on that point at which he should be prepared for being prooved wrong. secondly would it be justified if zakir agreed with him in such a huge crowd and gave a wrong perspective of Islam about that matter to all of them just to save the ego of that kid?

He dealt it right!
Khurram said…
Don't really agree with him, He is an extremist, Saying merry Christmas does not make me a christian, same like saying Eid mubarak Does not make them Muslim.

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