Sheikh Ibrahim Dremali : URGENT! - Support The Shaykh Dr. Ibrahim Dremali

The Sheikh has a long fight ahead of him, and throughout it all insists on giving lectures and reminders to the brothers and sisters, insists on continuously working for the benefit of our Ummah. Although it is very difficult coping with all his health complications day to day, he is convinced that this is a big test from Allah SWT that he has no choice but to pass.

Several students of the Sheikh have put together videos and have started this facebook campaign, in an effort to help support him in his time of need. He has not been able to work for more than a year, and has continuous dire medical needs along with family and general needs. The Sheikh has supported so many for so long. Let's come together and support him in his time of need. Please, please, remember Sheikh Ibrahim Dremali in your du'aa.