Maulana Tariq Jameel : "Tauba Toot Jaye To Kya Karen?" Bayan During Hajj 2012

Hazrat Maulana Tariq Jameel Damat Barakatuhum short clip bayan during Hajj 2012 on "Tauba Toot Jaye To Kya Karen?".


Unknown said…
Renowned religious scholar Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain has expressed his views in ARY news program Sar-e-Aam about our society is a victim of omens and grudges and people are suppositious, that there is no place at all in Islam for good or bad omens, presages and superstitions.
Islam make us refrain from such kind of superstitions and good or bad omen, in many hadiths there is a clear warning to refrain from such superstitions, omens and predictions. like good and bad presages, black cat’s crossing your way, haunted places, and to see someone disliked in morning so that your full day will be in mess these sort of superstitions are rubbish, there is no such place of these kinds of omens in Islam, Hazrat Muhummad (s.a.w.w) hadith depicts that there is no such sort of good and bad presages in Islam, superstitious things doesn’t exist in Islam.
In religion, physiology and arts there is no place for superstitions at all, what Allah’s Prophet have said is religion , Baba Yahiya khan is not a part of religion or a final verdict, the nights, days and months about which Allah has stated only they posses importance but it has nothing to do with good or bad omens. As u say we shouldn’t do some of the tasks at Maghreb’s time then who told you this? In Mina and Muzdalfa Maghreb timing has immense importance. Religion is really easy; we can take different meanings out of it but not good and bad omens.
Trimming nails at night might be related with mannerism and abdicates but it is not related to any good or bad precedes, mirth, festivity or any wedding ceremony has no relation with any month, if someone died and one want to get married at that day than it is not related to the religion at all, but if one postponed it due to that incident then it is a part of one’s being cultured and civilized, but it is not again concerned with religion.
Ghosts (Jinnaat) existence has been proved in Quran pack and its denial is not bearable or appropriate any way. Quran Pak and our religion gave us a rule of lifeso it should be well understood by all of us that only Almighty Allah has power to make things possible and to turn anything according to his will, without Allah’s consent nothing can happen and we are helpless to Allah Ta’ala. As far as ghosts (jinnaat) are concerned, they are both Muslims and non Muslims as well, they can be pious or evil as well there are many jinnats to them the teachings of Islam have reached, Hazrat Muhummad (s.a.w.w) had invited jinnat and preached them regarding Islam and it is mentioned in surah-e-jinn in Quran pak.from prevent oneself from evil powers one should offer prayers and keep oneself clean through the method of abolition.
In old times parents restrict their daughters to go on terrace with open hairs not because of any bad omen or ghosts but just because boys are more dangerous than ghosts, so it is quite clear that superstition has no existence in our religion Islam.
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