Exclusive : Hazrat Maulana Zubair ul Hasan (RehmatULLAH) Passed Away! - His Last Dua At Raiwind Ijtema In 2013

Innalillahe Wainnailaihe Rajioon! Hazrat Maulana Zubair ul Hasan (RehmatULLAH), a reknowned Tableeghi Akabir/Buzurg in India has passed away today, may ALLAH Subhanahu Taala grant him high rank in Jannah, Ameen!. His Last Dua At Raiwind Ijtema Pakistan In 2013.


Zaibatt said…
Hazrat Maulana Zubair Hasan was selected as Amir, Tablighi Jamat in 1995 after the death of his father Maulana Inamul Hasan RAH. Maulana Zubair took over the responsibility at a time when Tablighi Jamat had become an international movement and there was a strong need of its consolidation. Maulana proved himself true to the standards as set out by the seniors of the movement. During last two decades, Maulana has strengthened the movement enormously by his hard work, dedication for the movement and knowledge. May God grant peace to the departed soul and provide us an opportunity to follow the path shown by him. Amen!

Biography of Hazrath Maulana Zubair ul Hassan sahab(R A) :

Hazrat Maulana zubair ul hasan sahib (RA) was born in 30,march 1950.
Educational life : Hifze Quraan paak(Memorization of Holy Quran) fromBismillah Hazrat Aqsad Raaipuri at Raaipur. Faarsi and Arabic ,Hidayatun Nahw from Different scholars. Aalim course fromJaamiaa MazaahiruL ULoom Saharanpur, 1971.
Nikah(marriage) :15thJanuary 1969 ,Marriage with Daughter of Hazrath maulana ilyaas sahib(RA) TAAHIRA KHAATUN .
Hazrat sons Moulwi M.zuhairul hasan,Moulwi M.suhaib,Hafiz Khubai and 3 daughters.
First speech held on Friday 9 ,august 1974 at the Madrasa qadeem masjid.
حضرت مولانا زبیر الحسن کاندھلوی صاحب رحمہ اللہ تعالیٰ حجرت شیخ الحدیث رحمہ اللہ تعالیٰ کے نواسے تھے، پوتے نہیں۔ یہ تصحیح کر لی جائے۔