Mufti Naeem : Junaid Jamshed Ne Apni Ghalti Ki Muafi Mang Li He Bughz Rakhne Wale Fitna Na Phelain

Mufti Naeem (Muhtamim/Administrator) of Jamia Binoria S.I.T.E Karachi spoke on the recently emerged video clip of Junaid Jamshed in which he mistakenly abused Hazrat Aisha R.A due to his lack of knowledge in Shariah Uloom. Mufti Naeem condemned the statement by Junaid Jamshed but he stressed that after Junaid Jamshed openly seek apology to all on Media and repented to ALLAH Subhanahu Taala, now no one has the right to further protest and demonstrate on this issue and whoever continue this would be just out of hatred and jealousy.