Exclusive : Azeem Ustad Ki Khoobsurat Nasihat "Deobandi Nahi Ummat Ban Ker Chalo! Har Aik Ke Liye Seena Khula Rakho" - Maulana Tariq Jameel

Beautiful Words Of Advise From Great Scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel Saheb to his students to whom he loves like father "Deobandi Nahi Ummat Ban Ker Chalo! Har Aik Ke Liye Seena Khula Rakho".


Unknown said…
AssaLam U Alaikum sir....!
Molana tariQ jameel sahib k bayanat bht hi achy hoty hain.....r Sir 1 baat poochni thi k Molana tariq jameel k bayanat pr 1 background mussic lga hota hai lighy light c Awaz main.....(Fal Fitra)
shyad aisa hi woo backgroung music ka bta skty hain app k kya name hai uska....
Unknown said…
Bhai ye music nahi, Junaid Jamshd ki awaz me "Maula Ya Salli Wasallam" nasheed he.
UFAD2020 said…

Dear All,

Salam e Masnoon !!!

I remember, decades ago, Ehtisham ul Haq Sb (Hazrat Jee) advised the Delegations before their departure that Quote "Listen....ISLAM is like a Bouquet of Flowers of different colors and odors...beautiful in their own creation but looks more attractive when tied together with a silk ribbon (we may say it ALLAH Ki Rassi) it becomes A Bouquet..." Unquote.

In this context, we all must show Tolerance and Open-heartedness among ourselves and I agree with this School of Thought of Mufti Tariq Jamil Sb.

May ALMIGHTY grant us A Positive Approach.