Tongues Pushing People To Hell Fire By Shaykh Abdul Majid

Shaykh Abdul Majid Spoke On The Evils Of Tongues Which Are Very Common Now Days And People Don't Realize How Dangerous Could This Piece Of Flesh Be If Not Used Carefully. He Told According To Hadith Prophet PBUH Told To Hazrat Maaz RA That The Tongue Is The Essence Of Whole Islam And That This Due To The Misuse Of This Piece Of The Body Most Of The Muslims Will Be Dragged To Jahanam. The Misuse Of The Tongues Includes The Gheebat, Harming People With Bad Words, Foul Language, Cursing, Abusing And Anything Which Hurts People When They Heard. #FoulLanguage #Hell #Abuse #Hadith #Islam #islamicwaves